About Us

Our Team

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Credit Smart Solutions is a licensed and bonded company that was established with a primary focus: you and your credit. We will give your credit a good score.

At Credit Smart Solutions we feel everyone should be able to realize the benefits of a good credit score. Our many years of experience in the financial services industry has brought us to the conclusion that there are a lot of good, hardworking, honest people out there struggling daily from the effects of bad credit with a low score. We developed our program with these individuals in mind. We made our program affordable and simple so that good credit can become a reality for those committed to our program.

Peace of Mind

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To sustain a good credit score, we must cultivate a strategy of long term sustainability.  We will not sugarcoat anything and will always be honest with you regarding your credit situation. But keep in mind that, by following our program and taking the proper steps we recommend, most everyone can achieve tremendous results and raise their credit’s low score into a good score.

Credit repair is only one part of our program. We’ll also guide you through the steps you must take to boost your overall credit profile. Whether you need help reestablishing credit or assistance with your monthly budget, we are here for you. We will never limit the amount of time you need from us to assist you. We are here to make your life more enjoyable.

Our Gurantee

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We offer you a GUARANTEED program to CLEAN UP YOUR CREDIT  through a personalized approach that addresses your unique and individual circumstances.

Our aim is to provide the MAXIMUM CREDIT REPAIR RESULTS in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE. We are experienced professionals with a track record of removing negative credit items and cleaning up credit reports.

We will impact your overall credit profile within the first 90 days of our program, or we will refund all of your money—no questions asked!