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“We are the support system and the guiding hand that will bring financial wellness to our clients. No matter where you are in your financial life, we will provide you a path to a much brighter future.” —Joe Frey, CEO

Credit Solutions for Real Life.

Most of our clients come to us after they’ve been denied a mortgage, loan, or credit. We’ve tailored our services to provide the greatest impact on your credit scores as quickly as possible.

Credit Auditing to Get You Back on Track.

“Audit” sounds intimidating, but it really means an honest look at your situation. We go several steps further, providing you our professional credit analysis and real, workable solutions.

With our Credit Audit, we will identify your financial strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also provide you a Plan of Action with steps you can take today to start improving your situtation.

Credit Repair that Gets Results… Guaranteed.

You’ll get results within 45-60 days. We’re so confident in our expert credit repair process that we guarantee you’ll see an impact on your credit scores within 90 days or you’ll receive a complete refund.

Financial Planning for a Better Future.

What truly sets Credit Smart Solutions apart? We combine powerful credit repair services with professional financial planning. You and your family won’t be left to fend for yourselves.

Make the most out of your better credit. We’ll help you make money-wise moves and secure your lifetime success.

We will impact your overall credit profile within the first 90 days of our program, or we will refund all of your money—no questions asked!

Customer Support and Success

Getting Credit Smart includes having a team of credit and financial advisors in your corner, helping you determine the right courses of action. Our primary goal is your long-term financial success!

100% Money-back Guarantee

You will see an impact on your creditworthiness within 90 days or your money back. Period.

Credit Smart Solutions has changed my families life for the better!  When I met with them, I had already filed bankruptcy and inaccurate items were still harming my credit score. They put a stop to the that immediately and had them report correctly. I can't thank you enough for understanding my situation and for the help. 

Sarah Loft

Satisfied Client,  2018

The Smart Solution for Your Finances

Credit repair is never something you want, but sometimes it is what you need. If you would like a free one on one consultation to discuss your situation with us, fill out the calendar. 

We look forward to talking with you in a safe and friendly atmosphere to address your questions. This is a big decision, and our goal is to make sure it is the right move for you and your family. 

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