Ohio Bankruptcy Credit Clean Up Program

Restore Your Credit after an Ohio Bankruptcy

For Ohio Residents Only!

As you are probably already aware, an Ohio bankruptcy can have a significant negative impact on your credit score. What you may not know is that after an Ohio bankruptcy, all credit accounts associated with or discharged through your Ohio bankruptcy are likely to be reporting inaccurately on your credit reports. As a result, your credit scores could be much lower than they should be.

As an Ohio consumer, you must exercise your rights by law to correct this inaccurate information. At Credit Smart Solutions, LLC, we have developed a program specific to those who have gone through an Ohio bankruptcy. By following our program, not only will we make sure your credit reports are reporting properly, we will also help you to reestablish new credit and trade lines to speed up the credit healing process.

We understand terrible things happen to good people. Let us guide you back to a promising future!




Individual Fee $400.00


Couple Fee $600.00



Fees include initial consultation, account setup, and credit report evaluation.

No payments will be processed for up to 5 days from the time you sign up for our program. This allows us the time to generate the dispute letters and get the process started.

There may be exceptions to these standard prices based on individual circumstances, so please call to discuss your situation in detail.

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