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for Your Credit, Financial, and Life Success.
We help you take care of your financial needs and life goals with credit restoration and financial planning.

Customized to You and Your Situation

Credit Smart Solutions assists individuals and groups with nearly every kind of credit problem: recovery situations, accusations, retention rights, collections, bankruptcies, and much more.

Free Consultation

A FREE, personal consultation to answer your questions and help you decide your best course of action.

Credit Audit

In-depth analysis of your credit reports by our credit experts, who uncover any questionable items.

Credit Repair

Customized disputes with the credit bureaus to remove unverifiable items and improve your credit scores.

Financial Planning

Watch your credit scores increase as you strategically add positive accounts to your credit reports.

How We Can Help

We’re here to help you make your credit the best it can be!  We have years of experience and expertise in consumer protection laws and leverage them to remove bad credit items and boost your credit scores.

We Find Solutions

We investigate these details for anything questionable that might negatively affect your credit scores. From whole accounts like collections and charge-offs to easy-to-miss details like dates of first activity and alternate addresses.

You have the right to 100% verifiable accuracy in your credit reports according to Federal consumer protection laws such as the FCRA.

Our Guarantee

Once you sign up for our credit recovery program, you will likely see
a remarkable increase in your credit scores within the first 45 to
60 days.

In fact, we guarantee that our credit recovery program will
impact your creditworthiness within 90 days, or that we will refund all your money – no questions asked! Our credit recovery program is a
powerful repair program that works. We guarantee it.

Credit Smart Solutions has changed my families life for the better!  When I met with them, I had already filed bankruptcy and inaccurate items were still harming my credit score. They put a stop to the that immediately and had them report correctly. I can't thank you enough for understanding my situation and for the help. 

Sarah Loft

Satisfied Client,  2018

Why You Need Credit Repair

We provide tireless support so that you can achieve the credit score and profile necessary to improve the quality of your life.

As your income increases — perhaps along with the start of a young family — you can look beyond your debt toward building lasting wealth and protecting your loved ones. If a loss can be costly, so is delaying. Maybe it is taking longer than expected to clear off your debts.

Connect with our team of experts so that we can help you prepare for the future and unexpected circumstances. With our credit repair program, we can influence your credit scores in as little 45 days, and if you have not seen any results within 90 days, we will return your money — guaranteed. 

A Smart Solution for Your Credit

Credit repair is never something you want, but sometimes it is what you need. If you would like a free one on one consultation to discuss your situation with us, fill out the calendar. 

We look forward to talking with you in a safe and friendly atmosphere to address your questions. This is a big decision, and our goal is to make sure it is the right move for you and your family. 

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