Maximize Your Financial Well Being

Our licensed Financial Planners will help you Get a complete financial solution to help analyze, plan, repair, and maximize your personal finances and credit.

Combining the Power of Financial Planning and Credit Repair

For too long, financial planning and credit repair have been on opposite ends of the financial spectrum. Using our unique experience in both industries, we provide all the resources you need to maximize both your finances and credit. 

Analyze Your Situation

Get a FREE, personal consultation to analyze your situation and create a personalized plan to maximize your finances.

Free Consultation

A FREE, personal consultation to answer your questions and help you decide your best course of action.

Plan For Financial Growth

Create a plan to minimize your expenditures and maximize your budget, retirement, investments, and financial standing.

Credit Audit

In-depth analysis of your credit reports by our credit experts, who uncover any questionable items.

Repair Your Credit & Finances

Credit Repair and financial planning to lower your monthly expenses to free up your valuable cash for future investments.

Credit Repair

Customized disputes with the credit bureaus to remove unverifiable items and improve your credit scores.

Maximize Your Finances

After we have saved you money, invested wisely, and repaired your credit we help you monitor and optimize your portfolio.


Watch your credit scores increase as you strategically add positive accounts to your credit reports.

Full Financial Solutions

When you want the most out of your finances you NEED a professional who understands the in’s and out’s of your entire financial situation. Credit Smart Solutions goes above and beyond for our clients by saving them thousands of dollars in extra interest and penalties that can be reinvested into safe and secure investments for long term growth.

Stop Losing Money

It is no secret that having issues on your credit can cost you thousands of dollars that can be building your wealth. Credit Smart Solutions helps you stop throwing away your hard earned money by repairing your credit and setting up a budget to maximize your finances. Start putting your hard earned money back in your pocket today!

Start Building Wealth

By using our proven investment strategies, we are able to help you reinvest the money you are saving from your credit and budget. Our safe and effective strategies give you the peace of mind knowing that your investments are consistently building wealth for your future.

Credit Smart Solutions has changed my families life for the better!  When I met with them, I had already filed bankruptcy and inaccurate items were still harming my credit score. They put a stop to the that immediately and had them report correctly. I can't thank you enough for understanding my situation and for the help. 

Sarah Loft

Satisfied Client,  2018

Why Choose Credit Smart

Your financial situation is unique and we understand that. Our personalized services are crafted to fit around your situation to create a unique experience custom fitted to your financial goals. 

How it Works

1. Analyze Your Situation. We take the time to understand your full financial situation to determine the best options to meet your financial goals.  

2. Plan for Financial Growth. By having a comprehensive understanding of your finances, we help create a personalized plan to free up cash and maximize investment opportunities. 

3. Repair Your Credit. Addressing issues on your credit report can save you thousands of dollars every year in interest and fees that you can invest in your financial goals. 

4. Maximize Your Finances. Our Certified Financial Planners will work with you to maximize your portfolio and investments to help create stability and wealth for your future. 

The Smart Solution for Your Finances

Credit repair is never something you want, but sometimes it is what you need. If you would like a free one on one consultation to discuss your situation with us, fill out the calendar. 

We look forward to talking with you in a safe and friendly atmosphere to address your questions. This is a big decision, and our goal is to make sure it is the right move for you and your family. 

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